In the Netherlands
Lessinglaan 100
3533 AZ Utrecht
Tel:  + 31 6 44070949

Frequently asked questions

Q:      Why does Elsa need flight information?
A:      In the Netherlands Teletext is available which shows when flights actually land and depart. Once your flight has landed it is noted that it will take approximately one hour for you to collect your luggage, clear customs and take a train/taxi to Elsa's Home. There is no need to call to provide information on a delayed flight as this can be seen via the teletext. However, if once a flight has been changed please contact Elsa at
+ 31 6 44070949.
Q:      Are children and pets welcome at Elsa's Home?
A:      Elsa's Home takes children and pets.
Q:      Why does Elsa need exact arrival time?
A:      Elsa's Home is a small B & B and Elsa is not always home so if she know the time of arrival she will be there to welcome you.
Q:      How do you get to Elsas-home?
A:      click here for the roadmap.
Q:      Do we get a key?
A:      Yes you will be provided with a key for your room and for the front door.
Q:      Why is a deposit required? And what is the cancellation policy?
A:      To guarantee your reservation we would like to receive a deposit of 1 night which is not refundable when you cancel the reservation within 48 hours of arrival.
Q:      How much does it cost to go to Elsa´s Home from the airport by taxi ?
A:      The cost to come by taxi to Elsa´s Home is around 55 Euro.

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